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Invest in yourself.
Because you can.
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A personal trainer for your finances.

My one-on-one coaching programs are goals-oriented and made to measure.

We’ll work through your budget together. We’ll discuss your goals. We’ll explore your subconscious money beliefs. I will teach you how to invest. Nice and simple.

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Let’s do this. Together.

Want to invest in the share market?
Don’t know where to start?
Is investing confusing, risky and overwhelming?
Stressed about house prices running away from your savings?
Want to get back on track after COVID?
Or use your pay raise to secure your financial future?
Curious about crypto? 😉

Coaching Packages



Master your money system and hit your savings goals



Reframe your thinking for financial wellbeing



Learn the fundamentals of investing in the share market for long-term wealth



Set your portfolio up for success by mastering your mental game

Get effective money skills to last you a lifetime!
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The Budgeting Basics

$1,295/6 sessions

  • We’ll develop an effective, automated framework to manage your income, spending and savings
  • We’ll build your budget together, 100% confidential
  • We’ll discuss how to save your money and make you more money
  • We’ll set budgeting goals and make plans to achieve them
  • Get my tips on sustainable, value-based budgeting
  • We’ll work out your “good debt” versus “bad debt”
money beliefs financial coaching

The Money Mindset

$1,295/6 sessions

  • Cleanse yourself of money beliefs holding you back
  • Nurture a healthy state of financial wellbeing
  • Clarify your core values using first principles techniques
  • Align your money map with your values
  • Get meaningful strategies to break excess spending
  • Find your inner balance using the Goldilocks principle
investing financial coach

The Investing Basics

$1,295/6 sessions

  • See step-by-step how to buy a share
  • Learn investing strategies for long-term wealth
  • Learn how to design your share portfolio
  • We will cover key investing and finance concepts
  • Integrate the power of compound interest into your thinking
  • Learn how to read an annual report and financial statements with an investor’s pair of eyes
investing mindset coaching

The Investor Mindset

$1,295/6 sessions

  • Learn strategies to manage your emotions
  • Develop your business owner mindset
  • Learn strategies to evaluate and reduce risk
  • Learn to evaluate the business fundamentals of a stock
  • Discern between economic value and price
  • Learn how macroeconomic factors affects your investments
  • We will analyse how well your portfolio aligns with your values, goal, timeframe and risk approach


What qualifications do you hold?

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Economics and Management, including International Financial Institutions & Markets I). I have more than five years’ experience analysing corporate financial transactions for multinational enterprises. 

Most importantly, I believe I have the passion and empathy to help you succeed. I would still be doing this even if I didn’t have to work for a living. I can help you understand financial concepts in simple terms and demystify all the confusing jargon. (Hint: I love using food analogies.)

How many sessions are included in a coaching package?

Having at least six sessions will allow you to extract the most value out of your coaching program. But this can be more or less depending on your needs and what we are setting out to achieve.

You can also opt to have single sessions if you think that works best for you.

What is the difference between you and a financial adviser?

My focus is on enabling you to achieve your life aspirations involving money and equipping you with lifelong skills. On the other hand, a financial adviser will recommend and execute a financial plan for you.

Essentially if you had to bake a cake, a coach would give you the list of ingredients, baking tips and various recipes. An adviser would do the grocery shopping and bake the cake for you. You’ll be eating the cake either way.

Can I select multiple coaching packages?

Yes! Each curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to complement all other coaching packages, while enabling you to pick and choose.

Do you offer group coaching?

Currently, no. A one-on-one format seems to work best given the nature of our coaching relationship will be based on your unique goals and tailored to your personal learning needs.

Can you recommend which are the best stocks I should buy?

No 😇 I’m not a licensed financial adviser. The coaching I offer provides general information and education only, so I can’t recommend you specific financial products or services. 

This also goes against the principles of how I coach. As they say, “give me a fish and you feed me for a day, teach me how to fish and you feed me for a lifetime”