A personal trainer for your finances

Get guidance to ensure you’re on track to living your best life.

A tour guide on your investing journey

Hi, I’m Meg. I specialise in coaching millennials and women on how to manage money and invest. I bring a wealth of knowledge from my prior industry experience analysing corporate financial transactions.

In your free 30-minute consult, we’ll discuss your goals and learning interests. Start charting a plan to improve your money skills and lead the life you want to live. What are you waiting for?



Better your budget with guided support

  • Automate your income and savings management
  • How to save and make more money
  • Set goals and plans to succeed
  • Work out good vs. bad debt


Guided learning to investing in the share market

  • How to actually buy a share
  • Demystify finance terms
  • Get structured methods and fun diagrams
  • Design your portfolio
  • Long-term wealth strategies
  • Learn to read financial information with an investor’s pair of eyes

Your Mindset

Attract your future money with the right mindset

  • Reset the beliefs holding you back
  • Resolve impulse spending
  • Healthy steps for financial wellbeing
  • Uncover your core values
  • Align your values to your Money Map

“I didn’t have much experience managing my finances, but right from the start, Meg was very reassuring. She demystified personal finance for me. I highly recommend Meg and I really loved working with her.”

Stevie Z.

The Money Map

Organise your finances in one elegant, deceptively simple master workbook.

✅ A sleek budget tracker

✅ Good financial hygiene checklists

✅ A template for your savings goals

✅ A bucket planner

✅ A visual snapshot of your finances

✅ Track your wealth over time

✅ Stress test your loan repayments

✅ Live Google prices on your share portfolio

Honestly, the best one that I have used. It felt simple. – Hugh R.


Get the Money Map FREE when you purchase six or more sessions.


This has brought so much ease and financial clarity to my life.

“I was already comfortable with budgeting, but I was struggling to keep to my budget. I came to Meg for help, because I felt I could trust and relate to her. She helped me realise why things weren’t working and taught me new ways.

Meg describes complex concepts in a relatable way that has helped cement my knowledge. I’ve now got achievable goals to work towards that will greatly improve my wellbeing.”

Hugh R.

I’ve saved time and money.

“I gained knowledge about financial strategies that I wouldn’t have been able to find myself. Also, my sessions were customised around my goals and areas of interest. Meg clearly explained things to me in a way that made it easy to understand. I really enjoyed my sessions with her!”

Caitlin P.


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