Mission & Vision

History tells us those who have benefited most and safeguarded wealth generated by the stock market are old, straight white men. 

Even in the age of the internet, it is the privileged few, who grow up surrounded by educated, savvy parents or friends, who were born into the right socio-economic class, who are lucky enough to win the ovarian lottery and have access to this precious knowledge that get taught how to play the game.

But you have the power to shape your wealth with your own hands. If you are open to learning, open to acquiring knowledge that could secure a better future for yourself and the Earth…

This is why I am fiercely passionate about helping those like you learn to manage money and get confident with investing. 

Learn how to manage your money better and invest to grow your wealth.

women investing in stock market

The stock market has been called the greatest wealth engine in the history of humankind.

My Story

The power of knowledge and community.

Meg is a financial wellbeing coach and founder of FinanceFem. She talks all things money and mentality, budgeting, super and investing in the stock market for millennials and women. 

She previously worked in the corporate services sector pricing financial transactions for multinationals.

Meg is convinced that upping your finance game is one of the best investments you can make. She has a knack for making boring things fun, and turning complex into relatable.

Read about her journey below.

As a millennial, I’ve managed to save and invest more than half of my wealth in the stock market. How was I able to do this?

Growing up, I was rewarded for staying safe and avoiding risks. I learned to earn praise by being diligent and scoring 20/20 on school tests. Then how did I feel about making mistakes or not knowing all the answers?

The plot always seemed to happen to those Disney princesses on TV. Why, it seemed they were never the master of their own destiny. Society and the media helped shape my attitudes towards risk, uncertainty and my belief in the ability to forge my own path in life.

We learn from a young age how spending money makes the world go round. Maybe it was your parents who taught you the importance of thrift and saving your money, but…

Who teaches us to play the investing game?

confidence to invest

For me, it was the knowledge and skills I learned from others that gave me the confidence to buy my first shares. 

This literally has the power to change lives. 

You already have what it takes to be a great investor.

I know it’s scary and tough trying to figure out money on your own.

But I hope to make you as excited as I am about the power of knowledge and community to better our lives and the world through the simple choices each of us make.

So let’s do this together.

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