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Meg is recognised as a trusted financial coach and money expert.

She specialises in coaching Aussie millennials and women who say:

  • I work hard and I’m good at my job. But how do I work smarter and not harder?
  • I want someone to teach me ways of managing my money that are useful to me, my life aspirations and that match my level of interest in the finance stuff
  • I want to be more confident before I start investing, but where do I begin?


Personal budgeting

Get a practical process to see where your money is going

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Easy essentials and key concepts suited to your comfort level


Learn how to buy shares and invest. We go at your pace.

BONUS Money Map

FinanceFem’s exclusive master budget and tracker for all your finances in one place

Goal planning

Collaborate on saving goals that will power the life you want to live


Weekly or fortnightly meetings PLUS 15min check-ins to keep you on track

Wellbeing & Support

Learn the secrets to stress-free spending, saving and investing

Fantastic resources

Get curated checklists, interactive tasks, worksheets and more!

I just loved how passionate she is!
Stevie Z.

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